Complete range of extrusion tooling

2022-03-11 11:46:42 ecrossheadcom 20

EHEAD manufactures a multiple range of standard and customized extrusion tooling for any kind of application.

EHEAD’s Tips (wire-guides), Dies and adapters can be made in:

Stainless steel with related heat treatment,

Tungsten Carbide,


Stainless steel with Tungsten Carbide Insert

Stainless steel with Diamond Insert (PCD)

Upon request we provide a customized laser marking (Data Matrix, QR Code, Bare Code, etc…)


· Precision : Quality checks are performed in a temperature-controlled room to eliminate deviations caused by thermal expansion of parts.

· Finish : After machining all tooling is hand polished to ensure a perfect surface and guarantee the best flow conditions.

· Delivery: Large quantities of blanks and diamonds are kept in stock to ensure a timely delivery.

· Lifespan : Careful selection of diamonds, tungsten carbide and steel grade guarantee the proven longevity of our tooling. The fidelity of our long-time customers confirms the superiority of EHEAD tips and dies.

· Technical support : Our customers can count on experienced process specialists who can assist with starting new types of products, testing new compounds or improving the efficiency of the extrusion line.

· Traceability : Every single part manufactured in our factory is laser engraved. The etching gives the tool size and internal order number. The order number allows us to access the complete parts history, kept indefinitely in our safe room. Upon customer request additional information can be engraved.