Extrusion Crosshead... on the Leading Edge of Technology

2022-03-11 11:45:33 ecrossheadcom 0

China Most Innovative Extrusion Tooling Designer & Manufacturer

EHEAD is a World Leader in  Extrusion Crosshead Design


Melt pressure, temperature profile, flow path and friction are the key factors for designing an ideal crosshead with perfect

material distribution.

CAD tools with implemented 3D meltflow simulation software used by EHEAD take individual rheological parameters for 

each material and ensure a homogeneous polymer flow for required output.

By comparing finite element simulation programs with experimental trials, EHEAD verifies the close correlation between 

virtually calculated results and laboratory tests.

Both elements are then applied to improve crosshead performance.


• Optimization of extrusion heads projects without the necessity to physically test the components

• Minimization of line downtimes

• Maximization of production

• Optimization on material selection

• Optimization of the flow channel

• Design optimization of mono or coextrusion extrusion tooling

• Optimization of coextrusion processes