Products & Applications

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::: Products & Applications :::

EC-HEAD offers a big variety of extrusion crossheads and peripheral equipment for numerous applications. Our crossheads combine best-quality steel & alloys with unique curing technologies and cutting-edge high precision manufacturing. Our technical experts are at your disposal for a detailed technical analysis of your application in order to offer you the best and most economic solution for 



extrusion tooling

Micro-Centering Crossheads

Self-Centering Crossheads

Manual-Centering Crossheads

Spherical Centering Crossheads

self-centering +Fine tuning-centering Crossheads

Flat/Ribbon Cables Crossheads ( Single colour&dual colour )

Thermoregulated Crossheads

PVC/RUBBER dual layer co-extrusion crossheads

PVC/NYLON dual layer co-extrusion crossheads

dual layer co-extrusion Rubber crossheads

Three  layer co-extrusion  Rubber Crossheads

HFFR Crossheads Rubber crossheads

Fiber Optics Crossheads

Quick Color Change Crossheads

Fluoropolymer Crossheads

Skin-Foam/ Foam-Skin dual layer co-extrusion crossheads

Skin-Foam-Skin Three Layer Crossheads

Special Crossheads

Quick Colour Change systems

Pneumatic, hydraulic and manual bypass  Module

Breaker Plate 、Connecting Flange

Gas injection systems for PE & FEP foam

Gas Injector for PE & FEP foam

crosshead spare parts and accessories