Adjustable Gas Injector For Foam PE/Foam FEP

Adjustable gas injectors for all foam lines

Type : /
Maximum inlet diameter : /
Maximum die diameter((With compression tooling)) : /
Max tube die diameter : /


• E-HEAD is providing a large range of injectors covering all applications in extrusion with physical expansion

• All delivered models are factory tested and individually labeled (output flow value under test at 300 Bars)

• Three delivery options : “standard body” - “extra long body” - “nozzle assy.”

• Revised units in standard and extra long body are available. Just add -REV behind part number (no space).

Technical specification

Type: EX00B06001-C

Suitable for foaming PE or foaming FEP

Adjustable flow rate, large range, covers all foam lines

and Adjustable and non-clogging

Technical specifications:

Flow range: from 0.5L/Hour - 200L/Hour at 300 bar

Maximum working pressure: 800 bar

Pressure rating according to ANSI/ASME B31.3

Maximum rated working pressure: 1000 bar

Design test pressure 150% of the maximum rated working pressure Gas: Nitrogen 4.6 grade (99.8% purity)&CO2 

Operating temperature: 

                      [Needle body working temperature 90°C ] 

                      [Needle body peak temperature 110°C]

                      [Needle 450°C].

EHEAD...Extrusion Crosshead

EHEAD...Extrusion Crosshead