Crossheads Distributor

Crossheads Distributor

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One of the most important part of a cross head is the melt distributor. Its task is to uniformly distribute the molten polymer, delivered from the extruder, around the cable. To achieve this goal, a close interaction between design and manufacturing is required.

In addition to the standard type cartridges we offer special designs in order to meet the requirements of a huge number of applications

• Standard cartridges for PVC and PE

• PV cartridges for low-viscosity materials such as polyamide and polyurethane

• HR cartridges for high-viscosity materials, especially for

   halogen-free, fire-resistant materials or highly filled PVC


Flow analysis and computation

Melt pressure, temperature profile, flow path and friction are the key factors for designing an ideal crosshead with perfect material distribution.

CAD tools with implemented 3D meltflow simulation software used by EHEAD take individual rheological parameters for each material and ensure a homogeneous polymer flow for required output.