Fluoro polymer Crossheads

Crossheads for Fluoro Polymer Extrusion

Type : EH-F-4~50
Maximum inlet diameter : /
Maximum die diameter((With compression tooling)) : /
Max tube die diameter : /

EC-HEAD’s original square shape with integrated long life span heating cartridges. strong and extremely stable, customizable to suit every particular need.

selecting type


This list contains standard crossheads. For a detailed view of special / customized heads, please contact us.

The sizes in the type specification indicate the maximum

diameter of the conductor and the die bore. All dimensions must be seen as guide figures. For the selection of the most suitable head size, the required type of material and it`s draw down ratio have to be considered in addition to the product dimensions.


• self-centering & Micro Centre System

•Made of Hastelloy C276®

• The distribution cartridges are designed in freeflow principle without holes or slots.

• modular design with a separation between basic head

and front head. compact design made from one solid block


• Distributor shape for particular polymer

• Heated melt flow distributor

• Extruder connected with flange

• bypass: manual, pneumatic or hydraulic

• Crosshead holder

• The telescopic support bring convenience to the maintenance and cleaning of the

vMade of Inconel 718®

• Vacuum connection