HFFR Micro-Centering Crossheads

Crossheads for HFFR Materials Extrusion

Type : EH-HFFR -10
Maximum inlet diameter : 5 mm/0.200″
Maximum die diameter((With compression tooling)) : 7 mm/0.275″
Max tube die diameter : 10 mm/0.400″

     The EH-CF-10-DSL is a self-centering crosshead with the ability to adjust the material passage between tip and die. This crosshead can be used for co-extrusion and/

     or mono-extrusion applications. 



•Insulation: Solid and stranded wires Profiled cables

Application area:

high-viscosity materials, especially for halogen-free, fire-resistant materials or highly filled PVC cables, ...

•Compound :PVC / TPU/ LSZH/ LSZH ...


• Micro Centre System

•Conical distribution cartridgeEasy to clean-no holes or slots-no dead spotsConstant and smooth compound flowNo stress and no shear in the melted compound

•Main entry port diameter 12 mm -M26x1.5

•Number of heating zones:Mainextruder connection 1

Product advantages:

Reduced technical complexity

Reduced maintenance costs

Homogenous temperature distribution

Reduced investment costs


• Distributor shape for particular polymer

• Vacuum connection

•Extrusion clamp

•Extruder connected with flange·

•By-pass module (Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic)

•Breaker plate

•Special surface coating on mechanical components (e.g. CrN, DLC)

•Extraction support system,The telescopic support bring convenience to the maintenance and cleaning of the (e.g. for distributors, rings, etc.)

•Availability of various and possible customizations